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Shipping Firearm Internationally

There are certain Policies and Embargoes that are in place that restrict us from Exporting Firearms and Articles of Defense to some Foreign Countries. 

Export Fees

​We charge a $250 export license fee for every approved U.S. State Department export permit.

This is legally required by the U.S. State Department.  This fee is per permit, NOT per item.

What is the procedure to export ?

Besides registering with US State Dept in order to export from US, Import Permit must be obtain from your Foreign Government. 


We are licensed by the US State Department to export items from the United State Munitions List (USML) which includes but not limited to Firearms and component of Firearms.


We are a Federal Firearms Licensee. Let us become your partner in export of arms and accessories wordwide.  If you are exporting a firearm, we will work with you to provide all of the necessary export documents the US government agencies requires to help you successfully export your firearm. The regulations regarding the export of firearms varies for each country and we ask that you please know and understand the laws in the country you wish to send the gun into so that you can obtain all of the necessary import documents needed to take possession of your firearm once it arrives there.  If you are exporting a rifle and it has a scope attached, please be aware that the export of the scope is controlled by the Commerce Department and may require a separate export permit.

At BAXT Innovations we provide fast and reliable export services. We are able to source firearms from all manufacturers - let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know if it is possible to export and make it a reality.


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